Special Feature

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  • 2 Year Guarantee & 7  Year Warranty.

  • Convenient (Savers Electricity & Man Power).

  • Prompt & Guaranted After Seles Service.

  • Weighing Trust With High Accuracy .

  • BSTI approved.

  • AC/DC Dual System.

  • Stainless Steel Body.

  • Software Calibration intelligent based Indian Technology.

  • 100% safe Over Lode Protection System.

  • Full Charge 24 Hours Backup.

  • Shows Where Efficacy (Internal Regulation 30000 counts).

  • Convenient  (15 Watts consumption only).

  • 244 Alphanumeric LCD Display (12.4mm).

  • Latest computer Keyboard for data entry. 

  • 2500 truck memories capacity in intelligent Monitor.

  • Reports on data, vehicle number, party and material wise nominal output of load sale 3.0 m V/V.

  • Non Linearity 0.025% Full scale output .

  • Creep (30 minutes) 0.03% Full Output. 

  • Environment Protection ADI Load Sale With Nicely Plated Alloy.

Why Choose KATA?

Kata marketing Company  aspires to be the worldwide weighing scale/weight machine enterprise benchmark for prise advent and company or sincerw citizenship with customar’s happiness. We are devoted tp presenting advanced service, excellent and price to our clients due to the fact the company’s principle is “service is first”.

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

Guarantee & Warranty

KATA digital scale will make cartain a 2-yr Guarantee and & 7-yr Warranty for another products but bridge scale .no warranty on battery.

Warranty priod from the date of sales, the company will offer the clients lose after sales Sarvice aftaer guaranty & assurance priod clint can take free carrier for twelve months through AMC.

Our Service

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