Kata Digital Scale has full range of electronic weighing scales.

KATA Digital Company

KATA Digital scale has full range of electronic weighing scales. Various types of micro computer  based weighing  scales and weigh bridges are importing , manufacturing, marketing and servicing. Kata Marketing Company is trade Mark Company provides Standard and BSTI approved products. 

 Kata Digital Scale commenced with the commitment to provide customers the best quality of machines, latest technology, technical services,
competitive price and timely delivery. For having such kind of services regular feedback from the  customers have given a leading edge over the counter parts.

24/7 Customer Service

 KATA DIGITAL SCALE is the specialized provider of table top, platform, Heavy Duty Platform scale, vans Cale/Mini weighbridge & Weighbridges.

 KATA Marketing Company acclaims as a reputed Manufacture Company and supplier of electronic products on the lines of latest technology.

“Trusted Solution Of Measurement” is the slogan of this company through the sales and services. Its experienced manpower and trained engineer are working successfully in different districts in Bangladesh under an efficient administration. We have permanent a team of experienced employees under sales and service departments. Our customer care works to serve customs 24 hours.


We Firmly believe our quality, marketing strategy, strong administration, indomitable desire delegate effort will approach to the high esteem.
KATA DIGITAL SCALE belong with the standard of metrology system and “Standards Build Trust”.

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Customar Care: 01770610201/2

Email: katamarketingcompany@gmail.com


Saturday-thursday : 9.00am–8.00pm

Friday : Closed